Kerry Corbett

Certified Veterinary Technician

Kerry, a Marshfield native, currently resides in the same town alongside her boyfriend Blake and their two beloved dogs, Yeti Spaghetti, a Chinese crested powderpuff, and FireBall, a teacup Poodle. With nearly 20 years of experience in the veterinary field, Kerry initially started as a receptionist but quickly learned the ropes to become a skilled veterinary technician. In 2020, she took the VTNE exam to obtain her certification as a veterinary technician.

Kerry has a deep affection for senior small dogs, believing that the older and crustier they are, the more lovable they become. Her passion for helping dogs extends beyond her work, as she actively participates in Chinese Crested and small breed rescues. When she's not caring for animals or advocating for their well-being, you can often find Kerry enjoying the beach or jamming out to country music. Additionally, she provides local dog walking and pet sitting services, further showcasing her commitment to the welfare of animals in her community.