Duxbury Animal Hospital offers the latest advancements in veterinary surgery, including laser surgery and cryosurgery. Our experienced veterinarians perform all types of soft tissue surgeries, diagnostic surgical procedures, and elective surgeries such as spays and neuters. We provide the finest in veterinary anesthetic and surgical care, with an exclusive focus on canine and feline surgery.


laser surgery

The surgical laser uses highly concentrated laser light in a different approach to surgery. A highly focused laser beam cleanly cuts into tissue a little at a time, creating a cleaner and more precise incision than a traditional scalpel blade. The laser seals blood vessels, capillaries, and nerve endings to minimize patient pain and bleeding.

A unique feature of the surgical laser is its sterilizing effect, produced as the laser beam kills bacteria at the site. This sterilization of the incision offers a reduced risk of infection for patients, enhancing the healing process and reducing recovery time.

Reduced bleeding, less pain, decreased risk of infection, and more rapid recovery: laser surgery offers these extraordinary benefits to our pet patients.


Our experienced veterinarians offer a variety of advanced surgical techniques, including cryosurgery. This advanced technology works by harnessing the force of freezing temperatures on cells.

Cryosurgery is used in addressing very specific diseases, such as skin growths and abnormalities of the eyelids. A minimally invasive procedure, it is preferred to traditional surgical procedures because it does not require general anesthesia and is well tolerated by the patients. Recovery is typically uneventful and relatively brief, with any swelling or discomfort treated with mild prescription medications.


Altered dogs and cats make better, more affectionate companions. Eliminating the drive to mate allows pets to focus on building a more positive bond with their human families. During the first year of life, we recommend spaying and neutering for most puppies and kittens.

This surgery offers both health and behavioral benefits for dogs and cats. It is usually performed around five or six months of age, before the initial heat cycle in females and before sexual interest, aggression, and territorial behaviors appear in males. This surgery has also been proven to prolong the life of pets by reducing or eliminating health risks in both males and females, including various types of cancers and infections.

Spay and neuter surgery is performed while your pet is safely under anesthesia. Afterward, pain tends to be minimal and easily controlled by medication. Most patients go home the same day as the procedure.


A safe surgical experience is our highest priority for every patient. Our advanced monitoring capabilities allow us to continually watch heart rate, blood pressure, respiration rate, and oxygen saturation throughout the surgery and recovery period. In addition, we use only the highest quality anesthetic drugs to ensure optimum safety for your pet during any anesthetic procedure, from dental cleanings to emergency surgeries.