1. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Duxbury Animal Hospital. We were customers back when Dr. Hebert moved to town. We now live in another town but still own a home in Duxbury. Duxbury Animal Hospital has been gracious enough to see our pets when in town for a few different emergencies. Now my grown son is living in our house there and we recently took his cat in to see Dr. Baker. From the front desk to paying the bill ~ all the staff there were gracious and attentive as well as professional. Dr. Baker is a wonderful vet! What an amazing animal hospital!

    Emily K
  2. We Love Duxbury Animal Hospital! It had been a struggle finding a good get that we felt prioritized service and our dog’s well being. Duxbury Animal Hospital gives great care to our dog and has perfected their appointments so it’s never a stressful process. They also always find time to get our dog in for any unexpected issues that pop up from time to time. Overall could not be happier with their service and love for animals!

    Olivia P
  3. Dr. Martin and the rest of the staff were so wonderful with our new 10 week-old puppy! They took the time to thoroughly examine her and answer all of our questions. They always answer the phone immediately and send records via email so quickly! They have all really impressed us so far!

    Danielle L
  4. Not your corporate veterinarian. They listened to us, explained everything and seemed to seriously care about Thelma. Refreshing.

    Carol N
  5. The entire staff is kind and caring. They've helped us say goodbye and helped us welcome new family members and I plan to continue trusting them to help me care for my pets.

    Lee C
  6. Duxbury Animal Hospital is wonderful. They are professional, kind, caring and take excellent care of our 2 dogs and 1 cat. We have gone to the hospital for many many years. We would highly recommend Duxbury Animal Hospital

    Ellen B
  7. Very impressed with our first visit with Dr. Herbert today. Glad we were referred to Duxbury Animal Hospital. Happy new patient.

  8. Dr. Hebert is awesome!!! Super nice guy, he truly has a gift.

  9. I 'followed' Dr. Hebert from Warwick, RI (his previous job) to his new vet practice. Yes, I drive an hour and fifteen minutes (good traffic days) just to bring my animals to Duxbury. I have appreciated the loving care he shows to my animals and always feel when consulting with Dr. Dan that I'm a partner in the relationship.

  10. The best veterinary service - everybody at Duxbury Animal Hospital, from the receptionist to the techs never mind the vets, are ever so accommodating. Their knowledge and bedside manner are hard to beat. I thank you all.

  11. Thank you Duxbury Animal Hospital! I came in this morning about a sick puppy and thanks to your great care she is feeling great! Which means I feel great too!

  12. To everyone at Duxbury Animal Hospital, thanks so much - Louis is definitely on the mend, eating like a champ (feeding him only foods suggested). We are very thankful for all of you...and Louis thanks you, too!

    Marla, Paul & Louis
  13. Thank you Dr. Herbert and staff. I was so worried about Panta this AM. Your professionalism and care was simply said awesome! Your thorough exam and expertise have put my mind at ease and I will keep you posted on Panta and pups. Again danke schoen!

  14. What would we do without you folks???!!! I shudder to think! We've loved Bruce and Elizabeth for years and now this office is a triple threat with the addition of Dr. Dan! We could not be luckier!