Emergency & Critical Care Services for Sick or Injured Pets

Sick pets are usually more comfortable when treated at home. However, when your dog or cat becomes critically ill or injured, Duxbury Animal Hospital is prepared to provide the services necessary. Our skilled veterinarians are available for hospital services, internal medicine, advanced diagnostics, and veterinary surgery, as well as referrals to area specialists if needed.

Critical Care for Sick Pets

pet emergency and critical careWe understand pets feel more at ease receiving treatments at home, but sometimes sick patients need services that can only be performed in the hospital. If it becomes necessary to admit your pet to our hospital, we provide comprehensive and aggressive treatment to restore our patient to health and minimize the length of stay.

Our veterinarians consult with you often, to inform you of your pet’s progress and to discuss treatment options. Qualified veterinary technicians monitor the condition of each patient and provide attentive medical treatment with tender loving care.

For your convenience and peace of mind, our knowledgeable veterinary technicians are available throughout the day to answer your questions and concerns. Pain management protocols are implemented to keep your pet comfortable and safe, and added pain relief medications are sent home with any patient experiencing discomfort.

For more severe cases requiring advanced overnight care, we are conveniently located near two large referral centers staffed by board-certified specialists in many fields, including veterinarians exclusively trained and focused on critical care.

Emergency Veterinary Services

Upon arrival at our hospital during a veterinary emergency, the patient enters triage. Triage helps determine the immediate need for hospitalization, surgery, medical interventions, or specialty services. As in any emergency room, we prioritize services by severity and patient need, addressing the most critical issues first. Patients requiring specialty services are referred to area specialists, fully briefed by our veterinarians in advance of transfer.

After-Hours Emergency Services

Your pet’s health and well-being are of the utmost importance to us. If your pet is experiencing serious health issues after our normal business hours, please refer to one of the following emergency facilities: