Advanced Veterinary Diagnostic Technology

Diagnostic imaging is essential to modern veterinary medicine. This advanced technology enhances our ability to determine the cause of ailments in your dogs and cats. Duxbury Animal Hospital offers digital X-ray technology, ultrasound, EKG, and dental X-rays for a comprehensive program of diagnostic imaging.

Digital Radiology

digital x-raysThe benefits of digital imaging are numerous, providing a faster, clearer, more detailed picture that can be shared in real time with specialists and consulting veterinarians via the web. This enhanced imaging technology allows us to diagnose our patients more accurately and provide more immediate care.

We often use X-rays in orthopedic patients to diagnose injuries, monitor progress in a surgical repair, or identify chronic conditions such as arthritis. Digital X-rays are an essential tool in veterinary dental care, as well.

Our digital X-ray department offers the latest technology and provides a safe and comfortable experience for dogs and cats.

Ultrasound Imaging

The ultrasound image offers a live view of the inside of the body, helpful in examining organs in motion, observing blood flow, performing biopsies, or in monitoring the progress of pregnancy. Ultrasound is a very safe technology, harmless to the mother and her unborn puppies and kittens. A special type of ultrasound, the echocardiogram, offers a view of the heart in motion and measures blood flow and valve function.

This painless imaging technology is created by sound waves and displayed on a computer screen. Like our digital X-ray imaging, ultrasounds can be shared in real time with specialists and consulting veterinarians via the web.


An electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) is a diagnostic test that measures electrical activity in the heart. We use the EKG to diagnose heart disease in your pets, especially with symptoms such as shortness of breath, excessive panting or fatigue, and irregular heartbeats. In our internal medicine department, this test is often used to monitor progress when treating patients with heart disease or other conditions, as well as to check the health of the heart in senior pets.

Duxbury Animal Hospital is pleased to provide you with our advanced veterinary diagnostic services and modern in-house laboratory.