Effective Treatment for Pet Pain, Including Laser Therapy

In spite of the best preventive efforts, our pets sometimes get sick or injured. Duxbury Animal Hospital is dedicated to the comfort and compassionate care of every patient, attacking pet pain with the full force of our knowledge, experience, and the latest advancements in veterinary science.

Our commitment: no animal is ever allowed to suffer.
Our goal: comfort; relaxation; relief.

Caring About Pet Pain

pain managementOur doctors and staff take pet pain relief very seriously. We know that pain causes the body to heal more slowly and less effectively. Relieving pain improves healing and minimizes the time spent in discomfort.

Restoring your dog or cat to complete health is optimum. When a chronic condition prevents full healing, we provide an arsenal of weapons against pet pain for a comfortable existence and a higher quality of life.

Addressing Pet Pain

Because the comfort of any patient in pain is a priority, we employ a variety of preventive pain management strategies. Comprehensive pharmacological pain management includes the use of local anesthetics, narcotics, and anti-inflammatory drugs. Surgery and dental procedures include multiple forms of pain prevention and relief, including the use of advanced anesthesia and monitoring techniques.

Patients with chronic pain, such as senior pets with arthritis or other geriatric concerns, receive multi-modal pain management plans to include medications, restorative therapies, environmental modifications, nutritional support, and more.

The Science Behind Laser Therapy

When choosing a treatment option for addressing pet pain, there is now an alternative to pharmaceuticals. Duxbury Animal Hospital offers the latest technology in health care for your pet: the therapeutic laser.

Unlike surgical lasers that cut, this cool laser reduces inflammation and stimulates a healing response in damaged tissue. The therapeutic laser’s deep-penetrating light stimulates the injured cells to heal at a faster rate. In addition, laser therapy allows relief of pain through the release of endorphins and actively reduces inflammation for up to 24 hours after each treatment.

The Companion Therapy Laser System can provide immediate results without any discomfort or dangerous side effects. Therapeutic laser treatments have been proven effective in minimizing acute, chronic, and post-surgical pain.

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